Human Psychology

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Chapter 1: The Science of Psychology

  • Science and Psychology
  • Research Methods in Psychology
  • Psychology, Human Potential and Self-Control

Chapter 2: Biology and Human Potential

  • Evolution: Adaptation through Natural Selection
  • The Nervous and Endocrine Systems
  • Self-Control and Biological Psychology

Chapter 3: Sensation, Perception and Human Potential

  • Sensation and Human Potential
  • Vision
  • Hearing and other Senses
  • Perception and Human Potential

Chapter 4: Emotion, Motivation and Human Potential

  • Emotion and Human Potential
  • Human Motivation
  • Motivation and Human Potential

Chapter 5: Direct Learning and Human Potential

  • Predictive Learning and Human Potential
  • Control Learning and Human Potential
  • Adaptive Learning Applications

Chapter 6: Indirect Learning and Human Potential

  • Observational Learning
  • Speech and Language
  • Memory

Chapter 7: Cognition, Intelligence and Human Potential

  • Knowledge, Skills and Human Potential
  • Tools, Technology and the Human Condition
  • Individual Differences

Chapter 8: Lifespan Development of Human Potential

  • Fetal and Infant Development
  • Child Development
  • Theories of Development
  • Adolescence and Adulthood

Chapter 9: Personality and Human Potential

  • Trait Theories of Personality
  • Personality and Nature/Nurture

Chapter 10: Social Influences on the Development of Human Potential

  • Compliance, Conformity and Obedience
  • Social Roles and Bystander Apathy
  • Group Cohesiveness, Attitudes and Prejudice

Chapter 11: Problems in the Development of Human Potential

  • Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology
  • DSM 5 – Neurodevelopmental and Schizophrenic Spectrum Disorders
  • DSM 5 – Bipolar, Depressive and Anxiety Disorders
  • DSM 5 – Other Disorders

Chapter 12: The Science of Psychology and Human Potential

  • The Scientist Practitioner Model of Professional Psychology
  • Preventing Behavioral Problems and Realizing Human Potential
  • Afterward