OCW052: World History

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Chapter 1: The Study of History and the Rise of Civilization

Chapter 2: Ancient Mesopotamian Civilizations

Chapter 3: Early Civilizations

Chapter 4: Ancient Egypt

Chapter 5: Early Chinese Dynasties

Chapter 6: Early Civilizations in the Indian Subcontinent

Chapter 7: Ancient Greece and the Hellenistic World

Chapter 8: The Roman World

Chapter 9: The Byzantine Empire

Chapter 10: The Rise and Spread of Islam

Chapter 11: The Middle Ages in Europe

Chapter 12: The Development of Russia

Chapter 13: The Mongol Empire

Chapter 14: Chinese Dynasties

Chapter 15: African Civilizations

Chapter 16: Civilizations in the Americas

Chapter 17: The Renaissance

Chapter 18: The Rise of Nation-States

Chapter 19: The Age of Enlightenment

Chapter 20: The Protestant Reformation

Chapter 21: Enlightened Despots

Chapter 22: The French Revolution

Chapter 23: Napoleon

Chapter 24: Post-Napoleonic Europe

Chapter 25: The Industrial Revolution

Chapter 26: Change in the Americas

Chapter 27: European Imperialism in East Asia

Chapter 28: The Scramble for Africa

Chapter 29: World War I

Chapter 30: The Interwar Period

Chapter 31: World War II

Chapter 32: The Cold War

Chapter 33: Post-Colonial Africa

Chapter 34: The Middle East after the Ottoman Empire

Chapter 35: East Asia after World War II

Chapter 36: South America and Latin America in the Cold War

Chapter 37: The Long Decade (1989-2001)

Chapter 38: The 21st Century