OCW045: Finance

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Chapter 1: Introduction to the Field and Goals of Financial Management

Chapter 2: Financial Statements, Taxes, and Cash Flow

Chapter 3: Analyzing Financial Statements

Chapter 4: Forecasting Financial Statements

Chapter 5: The Time Value of Money

Chapter 6: Bond Valuation

Chapter 7: Stock Valuation

Chapter 8: Introduction to Risk and Return

Chapter 9: Security Market Efficiency and Returns

Chapter 10: Introduction to the Cost of Capital

Chapter 11: Capital Budgeting

Chapter 12: The Role of Risk in Capital Budgeting

Chapter 13: Capital Structure

Chapter 14: Obtaining Capital: Methods of Long-Term Financing

Chapter 15: Dividends

Chapter 16: Options and Corporate Finance

Chapter 17: Introduction to Working Capital

Chapter 18: Working Capital Management

Chapter 19: Overview of Short-Term Financing

Chapter 20: Mergers and Acquisitions

Chapter 21: Financial Management Outside of the U.S.