OCW044: Economics

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Chapter 1: Principles of Economics

Chapter 2: The Market System

Chapter 3: Introducing Supply and Demand

Chapter 4: Economic Surplus

Chapter 5: Consumer Choice and Utility

Chapter 6: Elasticity and its Implications

Chapter 7: Market Failure: Externalities

Chapter 8: Market Failure: Public Goods and Common Resources

Chapter 9: Production

Chapter 10: Competitive Markets

Chapter 11: Monopoly

Chapter 12: Monopolistic Competition

Chapter 13: Oligopoly

Chapter 14: Inputs to Production: Labor, Natural Resources, and Technology

Chapter 15: Challenges to Efficient Outcomes

Chapter 16: Taxes and Public Finance

Chapter 17: Income Inequality and Poverty

Chapter 18: Introduction to Macroeconomics

Chapter 19: Measuring Output and Income

Chapter 20: Economic Growth

Chapter 21: Inflation

Chapter 22: Unemployment

Chapter 23: Inflation and Unemployment

Chapter 24: Aggregate Demand and Supply

Chapter 25: Major Macroeconomic Theories

Chapter 26: Fiscal Policy

Chapter 27: The Monetary System

Chapter 28: Monetary Policy

Chapter 29: The Financial System

Chapter 30: Current Topics in Macroeconomics

Chapter 31: International Trade

Chapter 32: Open Economy Macroeconomics

Chapter 33: Economic Crises

Chapter 34: Interest and Profit

Chapter 35: Health Care Economics

Chapter 36: Natural Resource Economics

Chapter 37: Agriculture Economics

Chapter 38: Immigration Economics