OCW041: Accounting

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Accounting

Chapter 2: Accounting Information and the Accounting Cycle

Chapter 3: Overview of Financial Statements

Chapter 4: Controlling and Reporting of Cash and Receivables

Chapter 5: Controlling and Reporting of Inventories

Chapter 6: Controlling and Reporting of Real Assets: Property, Plant, Equipment, and Natural Resources

Chapter 7: Controlling and Reporting of Intangible Assets

Chapter 8: Valuation and Reporting of Investments in Other Corporations

Chapter 9: Reporting of Current and Contingent Liabilities

Chapter 10: The Time Value of Money

Chapter 11: Reporting of Long-Term Liabilities

Chapter 12: Reporting of Stockholders’ Equity

Chapter 13: Detailed Review of the Income Statement

Chapter 14: Detailed Review of the Statement of Cash Flows

Chapter 15: Special Topics in Accounting: Income Taxes, Pensions, Leases, Errors, and Disclosures

Chapter 16: Analyzing Financial Statements